What is permanent makeup?
No longer will you be a slave to your appearance.  Have your brows, eye liner and lip color permanently applied, use a self tanner once a week on your face and go naked!  Throw cool water on your face to refresh it at lunch or every time you visit the rest room.  Could anything be better?

Permanent makeup doesn't melt!!!!
You can walk, run, work, swim, golf, and dance all night.  Your lip color will not get on your glass.  Your eyeliner won't run and your brows will still be there in the morning.

 You will "Wakeup with Makeup" every morning.
Is it taking longer and longer to get ready in the morning?  Have a professional apply your makeup and be ready when you roll out of bed every day.  The time that you will save and the freedom you will have; will be worth every penny.

Think about it? How much time, money and angst will you save if you wakeup with your brows, liner, shadow and lip color already on?  Just powder your nose and put on some lip gloss.  Then come back and see me every year or two to keep that fresh perfectly color coordinated look.
Reasons For Permanent Makeup
Brows and liner, before and after.
Full lip color before and after.
Eye brows can be done different ways (and according to the clients coloring, face shape and wishes): hairstroke (to look more natural), solid (like eye brow pencil) or a mixture of both. 
Top is hairstroke or feathered (some skin must show between strokes for a natural look).
Below is the solid eyebrow pencil look (it will soften during the healing process).  This is usually the way to go with a blonde (and if the client has brow hair).
'Immediately' AFTER
Minimal brown/black smudge eyeliner, top and bottom.
Dark brown liner, and soft brown shadow all around the eye (top & bottom).
I provide topical anesthetics and will make you as comfortable as possible.  Most people say that on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the worst), their discomfort level is from a 0 to 3.  Soft music, teddy bears, a roll for under your knees and a blanket (if you need it) make you smile and help you relax.

You and I (with the benefit of all of my training) will work together to pick colors that will give you a natural beauty with no makeup on.  When you have the correct colors on your face, flaws are diminished.  Your chosen colors are under your skin not on it so you can always apply more (or a different color) over your facial tattoo for special occasions.  Your skin tones will make the implanted pigment your one of a kind color.
Full lip color. You will miss the swelling when it's gone.
  Former fashion model, national award winning permanent makeup artist.
I have had many young military women (mostly nurses and officers from the surounding bases) come to get their brows done.  I am aware of military regulations for brows and liner and it is so important that these brows do not look like a tattoo.

Before and After
Alopecia solution
Alopecia is a disheartening and embarrassing disorder. Some relief is achieved however by brow and liner tattoo.

This person opted for brow hairstrokes in a male hair growth pattern.  There is often a skin change as well as hair loss so tattooing is not always as successful as this one. 
Tattooing is a temporary solution to alopecia, in that while it is "permanent" (meaning it won't wash off) it will fade and have to be refreshed (have a color boost) every so many years.

This client had little brow hair

Tattooed hairstroke brows

I have tattooed permanent makeup since 2004. My hands and arms became too painful to work. I took a few months off and had treatment.
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Eyebrows, Microblading, eyeliner, shadow/liner and lip color.
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Previously in Diamondhead and Ocean Springs.
I got an excited email from a female officer in Iraq, who said "It's 105 degrees and I have brows!".
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Home office: 110 Hayden Ave, Pass Christian Mississippi 39571
Permanent makeup (also called micropigmentation, microblading) is plain and simple, a facial tattoo. The products and/or tools, are not the same as a traditional body tattooist uses, but in theory, it is the same. A traditional body tattooist goes as deep as the depth of a nickel; a permanent makeup artist goes the depth of a dime.

When you come to my office, you will be asked to give a medical history to see if permanent makeup is right for you. If you have a history of Diabetes, Glaucoma (or some other serious illness), use blood thinners for the heart (or some other serious illness), this procedure might not be right for you. BUT, if you can get a written Doctors release? You could still get permanent makeup.
Permanent makeup artist: Stephanie Drumright (Lucas), serving Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama,Tennessee and Florida since 2004.
Music and teddy bears
Minimal eyeliner
 top and bottom
Full lip color
Brows and liner