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     Former fashion model, painter and sculptor; permanent makeup/cosmetics became the culmination of a lifetime of experience and training (in fashion, cosmetics and art). See certifications below.  It's like all of my training and experience was meant for this moment. At 62 years old (and all the makeup you see in the picture was tattooed "on me" by me) This is the job of my dreams. To create living art. To help women be as attractive as they can be 24/7.
     Since entering the permanent makeup world (in 2004); I have traveled the country studying under the most well known teachers in the world, received a Mississippi State approved 9 month apprenticeship, and received my Masters and Instructors certification (among many other certifications, see below). My shop is licensed and inspected yearly by the Health Department.
     Also studied under (and keep in contact with) the manufacturers of my products. Use no products that have been known to cause allergic reactions. Go to continuing education conferences and keep up with the industry changes with my membership in The American Academy of Micropigmentation, continually studying makeup and fashion trends with books and periodicals.  I have been privileged to teach at the AAM.
     At one time or another, joined every national permanent makeup organization, determined to get a full education and hear all perspectives in this diverse and complex field. There are several techniques of applying permanent makeup and types of products.  I have made every effort to study and learn from each of them, and have taken the best tools and have created my own distinct soft (no tattoo look) style. Please look at other web sites and compare. No one should look tattooed.
     I got my certification in dry needling (multitrepannic collagen actuation) from Doctor Kristan Matzek, who is a leading micropigmentation specialist and who is also the Vice-President of the American Academy of Micropigmentation.  This is a targeted technique of wrinkle and scar reduction using tattooing without pigment or ink.  The injury from the tattoo causes the body to send collagen to the area and rebuild, repair and renew the damaged or wrinkled skin.
Receiving award at the American Academy of Micropigmentation in
 Orlando Florida (2011) from Linda Dixon MD and Charles Zwerling MD.
  Former fashion model, national award winning permanent makeup artist.
Dear Stephanie,
     I am now 8 weeks out from the application of color to my lips, eyes and brows and I am so pleased; no makeup at all on weekends and on week days, less than 5 minutes for a little powder, blush and lip gloss.
     I just wanted you to know that I picked absolutely the right person for my permanent makeup!  As a physician I wanted to know exactly what was going to be used on my face.  After researching on the Internet I realized that although vegetable dyes sound natural, the best pigments used in permanent cosmetics are iron oxides that are regulated by the FDA to insure the absence of contaminants.  There would also be a smaller chance of an allergic reaction, compared to organic pigments, and less likelihood of migration into surrounding tissues, as can occur with tattooing inks.
     When I realized that there was a professional organization for permanent cosmetic practitioners, the American Academy of Micropigmentation, I found your name and learned that you used the techniques developed by Dr. Linda Dixon, an anesthesiologist who is the president of the AAM and practices permanent makeup in Hawaii.  When I discovered that you also used the new topical anesthetics developed by Dr. Dixon and used iron oxides, I knew that I found the right person to apply my permanent makeup.  Your experience as a painter and sculptor with an extensive knowledge of color was just icing on the cake.
     With those anesthetics and your technique the actual experience was not painful at all.  The first time I had my lip color applied 5 years ago, I had a dental block and it was still excruciating.  When you did it, I was more aware of the music than of what you were doing.  And the colors!  Compared to the first time I had permanent cosmetics, your colors looked absolutely natural and enhance my appearance, not change it.
     Thank you for a beautiful job!
Marsha G. Lucas MD. 
Letters of reference.
A few of my certificates...
     Beauty is an illusion.  Some of the "beautiful people" are not!  It's all about the face (the illusion) not the makeup, not perfection, not the tattoo.  It only matters if the face is beautiful. It doesn't matter your age or your size, everyone can be attractive.  It's just an illusion of shape, color and attitude.  This is possible, you will feel it, and it will be true!
     Becoming a certified color consultant with the Fashion Academy has had the most impact on my ability to help you choose colors that will make you radiant instead of ordinary. That doesn't mean a lot of color or bold color just the correct color for your lifestyle, skin tone, eye and hair color. You (of course) make the final decision. We don't do anything until you say "Yes that's it, that's perfect". Then we implant the pigments into your skin.
     It's recommended that you get an "every day" face not a Friday night "going out" face. You can always apply more (or a different color) for special occasions (or to match your mood or clothing). Your permanent makeup is under the skin not on it.  Everyone wants a little variety and to feel different (or more) now and then.  Consider getting a soft everyday face when you get your permanent makeup. 
     Perfection is not achieved on the first visit.  Every procedure requires at least 2 visits.  The pigment is under your skin (not on it, like makeup is) so your skin will make the color individual to you (and never be as intense as the color on top of the skin).  When you come back for the second visit (for your six week touch up) we will know what your body has done with the color I have given it, and we can adjust the color if necessary.
     This is all about you. This is your face and your day. You will be as numb as possible and get what "you" want. You will receive the benefit of all of the training and experience I have gathered, so you can make the best decision possible.
Stephanie is an artist and a perfectionist.  It shows in the quality of her work.
     I chose Stephanie, after doing a great deal of research into permanent cosmetics.  I read about her training, certification, and her years of experience, and saw photos of her work, on her website. http://www.stephaniedrumright.com.  They were very impressive.
     But, it wasn't until I met and spoke with her in person, as I have done with other possible permanent makeup providers, which I knew Stephanie was the person to do my procedure.
     Since this was my first experience with permanent cosmetics, I was somewhat anxious.  But, after meeting and speaking with Stephanie, she put me totally at ease. Her knowledge of color and skin tone, the cleanliness of her facility, and the time she took to explain the process, gave me peace of mind.   Her topical anesthetics made the experience very comfortable.  She also creates a very relaxing atmosphere with soothing music being played the entire time.   I would not hesitate to do it again.
     Stephanie is a wonderful person who truly cares about her customers.  She was easy to talk to and work with, in order to achieve my desired results. 
     It was a wonderful experience with great results!
Rita Reidenauer
Diamondhead, MS

     Each summer the three of us sisters get together for what we call a "sister kick"--a time when we can kick off our shoes to relax and visit with each other without the daily chores of home. Well, this year we decided to do something a little different.
     Each of us is very particular about our appearance, especially when it comes to our daily make-up. We have noticed as we have gotten older, the process seems to be taking longer to get it done to our satisfaction, especially since our eyesight is not as sharp as it once was. That is-until we discovered you!!!
     Wow!! You ARE amazing!!!! At first, we were a little unsure of the entire idea of our make-up to our satisfaction done where we didn't have to deal daily with the detailing of eye-liner(with our 5X and 10X mirrors at hand). After reading the information on your website and talking to others who had gone through the experience, we decided to give it a try.
     You are a TRUE ARTIST IN YOUR FIELD!!!! Your color knowledge and your detailed analysis of each of us were right on target. There are several years between our ages, and our looks all vary(hair color, skin tone, eye shape, etc.). Some traits vary a little while other traits are nothing alike even though we are sisters.
     You managed to bring out the best in each of our own features! You were so helpful in explaining every step of the process in terms we understood, as well as, why it is done. You listened(and observed) to what "look" we wanted and fully explained the best approach to make that happen for each of us-as different as that is!!!
     Our intention when we decided to do this was to cut the time that is consumed in our daily make-up application, which HAS been accomplished. But, what has really surprised us all, is how much better each of us feels about "our look"-very uplifting!!! It's a nice greeting in the mirror each morning, thanks to you!!!
     Sincerely, The sisters-Carol, Molly, & Lisa
(from Fairhope Alabama)

Before and After
     I am 58 years old and lead a very active lifestyle, spending a lot of my time outdoors. Typically a "no muss, no fuss" kind of gal, I normally minimal makeup as it melts off quickly in our South Mississippi climate.
     I had Stephanie do my brows, eyeliner and lips. WOW!!! She is amazing!  So professional, expert, plus very warm and caring. It was even pleasurable and painless, too!  I feel younger and more attractive.  Getting ready for my day is wonderful and a breeze!
     I would highly recommend Stephanie to anyone and everyone who wants to "Wakeup with makeup"!  I love it and could not be more satisfied.
Kim in Biloxi
American academy of Micropigmentation
Dear Ms. Drumright,Dear Ms. Drumright,
     I would like to take the time to express my sincere gratitude & appreciation towards you & to you for allowing me to "wakeup with Makeup".  Thanks to you, I wake up 'flawless' everyday! I can not begin to say what and how much time you save me everyday!
     I always had a great feeling about you, since doing my research on the internet & when I met you, the connection was instant & welcomed, not to mention appreciated.
     The process was remarkable from start to finish. Many times I wondered if you were doing anything. Sometimes, it felt like getting my eyebrows plucked- which I find relaxing :-)  My pain level was almost non-existant.  Your atmosphere made it very relaxing& and easy to fall asleep.
     The attention to detail you pay is oh so greatly apprciated. Thanks for keeping me beautiful 24/7.
Gabriel Mc Adory
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110 Hayden Ave
Pass Christian
Mississippi 39571
Permanent makeup artist Stephanie Drumright (Lucas) serving: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama,Tennessee and Florida since 2004.
Previously in Diamondhead and Ocean Springs.

I have tattooed permanent makeup since 2004. My hands and arms became too painful to work. I took a few months off and had treatment.
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