Permanent makeup photos (Before And After)
  Former fashion model, national award winning permanent makeup artist.
This upscale educated client came to me with eyebrow pencil (first picture, with sort of a baby doll look). She shaved her brows in college and never stopped. We wiped it off (second picture) and discussed shape and color options.  We agreed on the shape and color and tattooed her brows (third picture).  Now she has a soft color for her dark hair to grow over and she can go to a nail shop and get the hairs outside of the tattoo waxed or pluck them herself. 

If we gave her brows the same very dark color as her brow hair (and her hair color was warmer than appears) then when her brow hair grew in; her brows would be too dark.  In six weeks, or so, she will have a beautiful natural soft brow color with her natural hair grown over tattooed area and have the appearance of her education (MBA) and status (CEO) she deserves. 
How do you want to wake up?

This beautiful woman (at any age) will have brows (and she wanted thin brows) and liner every minute of every day.

This photo was taken immediately after procedure (all photos are) so there is some swelling and a slight blood blister in the corner of one eye.
This will go away in a few days.
The colors will soften slightly during the healing process.  NOW, all she needs is her lips colored to be able to enjoy the total freedom permanent makeup would bring to her life.

This is an example of brows, shadow and eyeliner; all done in green undertones to accentuate her green eyes and ash blonde hair (so she was completely color co-ordinated).

That is: ash brows, muted green shadow and a green/black eye liner.

I did not pluck the brows, that can be done later.
What I can do for you...depends somewhat on what you give me to work with (skin type, age, etc...) and what you want.  You and I counsel together, to give you all I have to offer, added what you have to offer, for you to become the best you can be.
Then you wakeup with makeup every day and come see me every so many years.  How often you come to see me depends on: the colors we used, the condition of your skin, your life style and the products you use daily on your face.  If you come to see me every one to two years, you pay 50% of my going rate (for new work) for your color boost (because it is usually only one visit).  After 2 years and/or if you need 2 visits? It's 25% off of my current rate.  If you want a much different color, much thicker or something different, requiring more than one visit, it is not 50% off.  A full lip color change for instance may require two to three visits, that will have to be my going rate.
This is a healed picture.  This client had very little brow hair.  She wears no makeup and wanted a natural look.  I tattooed several different color brow hairstrokes into her brows to mimic the several colors of her hair.  She had natural hair color in several shades of gray and gray/white (can you see the off white strokes?).
This is a good example of hairstroke (some people use the term feathered) brows on someone with little or no brow hair. If your skin is smooth; we can get this kind of result.  Most mature people get a solid brow the first visit and then hairstrokes on the second visit.

Getting the solid brow first; breaks down the skin and the skin heals  smoother so hairstokes can be applied.
Before and After
A little trick with Asian or slanted eyes is to make the bottom liner thicker in the center.

This is after the second visit. you can see that her brow hair has grown out, to the size of the tattoo. Some women's brow hair will grow back after years of plucking or waxing .
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Announcing: Shadow/liner for the "no liner"!
Minimize the appearance of wrinkles with a shadow/liner instead of liner. Liner is great when we are young and smooth,but there comes a day when we don't need another line on our face but still want our eyes enhanced. This is the answer. Kick it up when you go somewhere special but this is great for everyday. Lighter and softer than liner, this is the perfect answer to aging. These are selfies
taken by my client , in her car, before and after her procedure. Same shirt! no extra makeup! See the difference. The color healed to a soft smoky gray, like her eyes. She was soooo happy!
Permanent makeup artist: Stephanie Drumright (Lucas), serving Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama,Tennessee and Florida since 2004.
I have tattooed permanent makeup since 2004. My hands and arms became too painful to work. I took a few months off and had treatment.
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Eyebrows, Microblading, eyeliner, shadow/liner and lip color.
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This is Microblading at it's finest.

Brow hair is trimmed down, a design is painted on with the pigment we together choose for your brows, when You approve?

I tattoo little hairs in that design in a natural human being pattern. Then You grow hair over the tattoo and pluck or wax outside of the tattoo. You then have a natural, youthful and upscale appearance to your brows 24/7.