Permanent Makeup-color and shape corrections
This migration (the blue under and around her eye) is caused by the use of tattoo ink.  Please do not let some one tattoo your makeup with tattoo ink.  It will be black and turn blue (or green). It will migrate (and be there for the rest of your life).  This will have to be removed by a doctor with a laser. 

This kind of wing (photo) will migrate.  All of my eye liners, shadows and washes are done in iron oxides.  They don't last as long as ink (only 3 to 5 years, till you need a color boost).  BUT,
iron oxides are not likely to migrate.  Things can be done with iron oxides that can not be done with ink.  Please go to a tattoo parlor for your body tattoo.  Please go to a trained certified permanent makeup/cosmetic artist for your FACE.  Ask what products your technician will be using on you.  Be an informed shopper.  This is not about price!  This is not about how far you have to drive.  THIS IS YOUR FACE!
This client came to me with purple brows and gray blue eyeliner.  First the color correction was done (to nullify the purple).  She had colored brown hair with green undertones.  Her brows were matched to her hair tones for a coordinated look.

At six weeks, hairstrokes were applied to her brows (with a slight shape correction) and a soft smudge green eyeliner (to match and highlight her eyes). The result was wonderful.

She had a 4 hour drive and stayed the night at a casino Hotel (her husband had a great time golfing). Her friends say she looks radiant, rested, and "Did you have something done?".
Purple Brows
Over plucked, brow shape correction
  Former fashion model, national award winning permanent makeup artist.
Ink migration
Before and After
This was very difficult for my client to understand that her brows needed to be reshaped. 

But she trusted me and we got some beautiful brows.

She looked wonderful afterwards.

It's hard for people to change what they have been doing for years and it's hard to trust and get used to the change.
Top is the initial or first visit (before). The lower picture is after my corrections...3 visits in 3 years.

These repairs are very difficult because it is against the law for permanent makeup artists to do removal.  Some corrective color can be used but it always better to get an experienced, qualified and artistic person to do your work in the first place.

It's hard to believe that the original work was done in a plastic surgeons office.
Tattoo parlor brows
This beautiful young woman made the mistake of going to a tattoo parlor to get her brows done.  She looked permanently worried. Then she drove from Texas 4 times for us to correct them.  We reshaped and corrected the placement and tattooed in corrective and skin color to reduce the appearance of the old work. She may always have to touch up a little with foundation, but she now has a much more pleasing brow placement and shape.
110 Hayden Ave, Pass Christian Mississippi. Previously in Diamondhead and Ocean Springs.
Permanent makeup artist: Stephanie Drumright (Lucas) serving: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama,Tennessee and Florida since 2004.

Old permanent makeup brows
Both of these women were tattooed by licensed permanent makeup technicians. Shocking isn't it?
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